Implementing a thorough and comprehensive review process is a fiduciary best practice. Knowing the fees and costs of your plan, monitoring your service providers and investments is a fiduciary duty. Having a detailed understanding of how your plan is structured and serviced is critical to making appropriate decisions on behalf of the plan which must be in the sole best interest of the participants. Regular reviews help avoid common oversight mistakes.
Benchmarking the various aspects of your plan is important to providing perspective which helps direct your attention to areas that may need improvement or change. Benchmarking will also illuminate areas your plan excels in compared to other similar plans. Benchmarking data is still developing and improving. There are a variety of benchmark sources and tools that target specific measurable areas of a plan. For example:

  1. Investment expense ratios
  2. Recordkeeping and Administrative costs
  3. Custodian and Trustee service fees
  4. Advisor consulting and service fees
  5. Overall service deliverables
  6. Plan health as measured by
    a. Participation rates
    b. Deferral rates
    c. Average account balance
    d. Loans
    e. Asset allocation
  7. Plan design and structure

SFSI helps investment committees benchmark their plan by utilizing benchmark tools and data and conducting periodic comparative analysis reports through RFP and RFI projects. This is a service that is integrated throughout the annual review process.


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