Consulting Process

ERISA is not so much about whether fiduciary decisions are right or wrong,
but more about whether the "right" information was evaluated in the "right" way
— a prudent process

0000000000000000000000000000000000000000~ Fred Reish

Informed Choices
Our retirement plan consulting services help plan sponsors deliver the highest quality programs by providing services that can save time, reduce exposure to fiduciary liability, and promote an independent prudent process.

We offer specialized consulting services including:

  • Vendor comparative search
  • Plan design review
  • Fee analysis and disclosure
  • Investment policy integration
  • Plan benchmarking

Our ongoing services deliver:

  • Fiduciary oversight and plan governance
  • Regular comprehensive plan reviews
  • Investment advice and monitoring services
  • Fee and revenue share disclosure and reconciliation
  • Plan design support
  • Participant plan utilization
  • Education
  • Direction and advice for plan sponsors and participants

Suitable Outcomes
In light of the many changes and enhancements affecting the delivery and oversight of retirement plans, many of our clients have greatly benefited from our unbiased review, detailed analysis and fiduciary oversight processes of their plans.

Our ultimate goal is your success in offering an efficiently managed retirement plan that helps you attract and retain valuable employees and ensure that fiduciary liability is mitigated.

Our value oriented approach focuses on developing programs designed to minimize your cost, maximize your satisfaction and help direct your employees toward financial fitness and a successful retirement.



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