Why Stiles

Today we all have many choices and options available to us in every part of our lives from what car to buy, what vacation to go on, where to go to school, where to live, what to wear and eat, where to bank, what computer to buy and the list is endless. The financial services field is no different. So how do you select the right advisor who can guide you through your financial life map and help steer you in the direction that will best achieve your dreams and goals? The truth is there are many options and structures for you to choose from and the process of selecting an advisor can be confusing and mind boggling for some.  
What we offer is a very high touch, personalized environment. We understand busy lives and respect our client’s privacy and confidentiality. We take your hard earned money seriously and manage it with care and integrity. We are not the answer for everyone, and nor do we wish to be. However, we know from years of experience that those clients that have selected us, it has resulted in a good match for all. Our approach is holistic, empathetic and engaged. Your dream and goals are as important to us as they are to you. We invite you to call us and learn about our services by sharing your needs and concerns. Our unfiltered advice will help you make the right decision about partnering with our team.


Unless otherwise exempted by law, this website, our investment advisory and securities transactional services are only for residents of AZ, CA, CT, FL, IA, MN, NV, NY, OR, TX, WA, and WI. Stiles Financial Services, Inc. is a Registered Investment Adviser. Advisory services offered through Cambridge Investment Research Advisors, a Registered Investment Adviser. Securities offered through Cambridge Investment Research, Inc., Member FINRA & SIPC. Cambridge & Stiles Financial Services, Inc. are not affiliated.