Portfolio Management

We develop custom portfolios designed to address the specific goals and needs of each individual client. Our investment strategy over the years has focused on capturing performance during rising markets while minimizing losses during market downturns.

Our investment process is straightforward and easy to understand. We do it the old fashioned way and avoid risky strategies and complex derivatives that can be so layered that they are difficult to unravel. We target long-term results that align with our client’s needs and risk profile by emphasizing asset allocation, sector diversification, periodic rebalancing and ongoing monitoring.

Each portfolio position is carefully selected specific for the client. As a result, there’s no need to force-fit our clients’ assets into a prefabricated investment program or outsource to private money managers. By the time clients engage our services, they have already accumulated investments, some of which may make sense to keep. We believe this approach is in our client’s best interest as it allows us to build the portfolio around a core of existing quality investments that may already be owned.

Our philosophy is to be flexible and personalized with each of our clients. We offer a fee based model to keep fees low and efficient in order to help maximize long-term outcomes.



Diversification and asset allocation strategies do not assure profit or protection against loss.

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