Clients We Serve

Corporate Executives

Corporate executives and senior managers face rigorous demands in the pursuit of their careers. For many, dedication to meeting their professional responsibilities leaves little time to monitor the complexities of their compensation and retirement packages. We help busy, successful executives:

  • Integrate their employer benefit package to ensure they understand, utilize and maximize the provided benefits
  • Assimilate the various components of their compensation, including 401k, non-qualified plans, stock options, restricted stock and other incentive pay programs.
  • Make seamless employer or career transitions



Entrepreneurs and sole practitioners willingly exchange the income security of a corporate environment for the opportunity to take the path less traveled. They forego the layers of protection and benefits afforded corporate employees to pursue a passion and dream. Their intrepid business spirit must be balanced with fiscal restraint. We understand the needs and psyche of these risk takers, and help:

  • Offset the inherent financial risks they embrace by separating their hard-earned wealth from their entrepreneurial pursuits
  • Provide risk management to help ensure their financial futures, and those of their families, are protected
  • Find creative solutions to build wealth and manage tax exposure


We provide the structure that gives entrepreneurs the comfort to pursue their endeavors knowing that their finances are being managed and monitored.

Divorcees/Surviving Spouses

Divorce or the death of a spouse is emotional, stressful and it can be very disconcerting facing the future alone. Making simple decisions, let alone complex financial decisions can be overwhelming while you are grieving. We are deeply sensitive to these life-changing upheavals and the emotional turmoil they create. We provide personalized support and help:

  • Smooth the difficult transition of assuming responsibility for financial decisions and protecting current and future needs
  • Determine which financial decisions must be made in the short term and which can be deferred
  • Work harmoniously with other advisors to assure all contingencies are addressed to secure financial health and stability going forward
  • Properly re-register and transfer assets, establish a new plan, budget and manage portfolio assets to reflect changing circumstances.
  • Divorce and death derail survivors: We help get families back on track.


Growing Families

A major financial obstacle for growing families is competing priorities. Raising and educating children, insuring against death or disability, planning for retirement, meanwhile often pursuing dual careers can be physically and mentally exhausting. Families juggle many activities and carving out time to sit down with an advisor to plan the present and future can be difficult. We help:

  • Identify priorities so limited resources can be effectively allocated to both building future wealth and meeting current needs
  • Stimulate the impetus to plan for both anticipated and unexpected expenses
  • Foster a funding commitment for family objectives and establish the necessary discipline to achieve them



One in three working Americans lack retirement savings beyond Social Security, according to a study by the Employee Benefit Research Institute. Of the remaining two-thirds that have some retirement savings, 43% have less than $10,000. That's a shocking statistic.

Even retirees who have saved adequately for retirement face thorny questions regarding income replacement and rising healthcare costs. Principal among these is how to avoid outliving their money. Average lifespans continue to increase. As retirees age, they often become more frightened and vulnerable. We help retirees:

  • Develop an income replacement strategy to help ensure they won't outlive their money
  • Review all estate documents to ensure the information and beneficiaries are accurate, current and reflect the wishes of our clients
  • Monitor and manage savings to ensure that portfolio investments are aligned with each client's risk tolerance and financial circumstances


Gay Community

Gay individuals frequently confront unique financial issues involving social and legal complexities. Estate planning can be particularly problematic in states where gay marriage is not recognized by law. We empathize with the difficulties facing gay couples and help:

  • Ensure ownership and documents are correct and assets are properly registered
  • Provide appropriate financial protection for partners where age difference, disability or children from a previous marriage complicate the situation
  • Attend to and monitor the myriad planning issues effecting gay partners and help ensure that their wishes and goals are met.



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